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26 जनवरी, 2020

The Real Reason Why Most Businesses Fail for businessmen.

  The Real Reason Why Most Businesses Fail for businessmen


    The most important points of business failure 

                       POINT NO.1️⃣
Ninty nine%  99% of the Businesses fail because 99% Entrepreneurs are stupid.
 And the only reason making me less stupid than them, is that I realized it long ago, and have been working on my ignorance ever since. By studying online courses and seminars every week. I was acknowledging that I'm stupid and need to learn plenty..
                       POINT NO. 2️⃣
  Often we think that my business will grow a lot but nothing like this happens and we go ahead without any plan and my business starts falling down instead of progressing.  To increase business, the most important plan is  This is why business starts to go down instead of increasing.
                      POINT NO. 3️⃣
   THE worse scenario, however, is the one of the individual that hides his idea. Because only a very poor idea needs to be hidden. You don't need to hide one money when you have the pockets full of them. I also know that 99% of those reading this text, or hearing me speaking the same, will think: "Wow, this guy is really stupid, because he has just told me something I didn't know and that will put me at his level and in the level of the top 1%, which will guarantee me my wealth". And to those I must say: There is no shortcut. You will still have to listen to thousands and thousands of seminars and online courses, and read thousands of books, about finance and wealth, as I did for the past years, to know as much as me. There is not even one imaginary possible way to resume so much information in a few minutes. Technology is simply not that advanced. If authors and speakers could write or say everything in one sentence, there wouldn't be a need for books or seminars.The Real Reason Why Most Businesses Fail for businessmen
                    POINT NO. 4️⃣
 When describing a past that keeps repeating, we can end up predicting the future. It's like finding a chemical formula that perpetuates itself. In this case, a social formula. And there are both pessimistic and beautiful things about it. The pessimistic part is that the majority tends to behave like sheep, following their leaders blindly. The beautiful part of it, is that evil always finished by itself, after destroying a reality that had to vanish. It's as if Hitler was necessary to show the importance of human life in a world that couldn't see it and supported him for financial and selfish reasons.
                      POINT NO. 5️⃣
I could continue over and over, with how the majority isn't what it seem. But, again, it's worth for you to see it for yourself. It's really amazing when you find the truth on your own, and against everything you are told to believe all your life.
The Real Reason Why Most Businesses Fail for businessmen