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01 मार्च, 2020

Earn online money while sitting at home.

Earn online money while sitting at home.

We are talking about mobile phones, in today's time, in some people's lives, mobile has become so important that if it goes away from them even for a moment, then they start feeling restless.  Mobile not only keeps us connected with the people of the country, the world and the family, but it also provides us the answers to every question, entertainment etc.
The International Telecommunication Union had speculated. The end of 2008, worldwide mobile cellular subscriptions had reached around 410 crores and mobile phones reached the bottom of the economic pyramid. The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark in 2019.  Mobile phone users in India crossed 581 million users in 2014 and have been on a steady rise for the past decade.  According to a survey by eMarketer in 2015, India is estimated to have over 800 million mobile phone users in 2019. The world first mobile phone was made in 1973 by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper, engineers at the Motorola company.  Its weight was 2 Kg and the price was 2 lakh rupees.  After this, in 1983, only the Dynatac 8000x model of Motorola came, whose battery could be charged once and talked for about 35 minutes.
Smartphone is the most important. Mobile phone or mobile It is also called cellphone or hand phone. A mobile phone is a long-distance electronic device. Which are typically used for mobile voice or data communication on a network basis. 
These are known as sale sites. In addition to the standard voice function of mobile phone telephones, current phones can support many additional services and tools
Such as for text messages s.m.s. For the use of the Internet for email And there are cameras for video recorders for gaming, for sending and receiving photos and videos mms MP3 player. And we can easily watch anything from our cellphone or mobile phone sitting at home and can do small business with it. Like in small business we can make money from our mobile phone through Paytm, Phone Pay, Google Pay, Amazon. There are lots of such money making applications. 



 You can earn money from Paytm. Know a little more about this paytm. ।

Paytm's full name is "Pay Through Mobile", an application built in India. Which is the Indian Electronic Payment Company.The founder of Paytm is Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma. First to paytm One97 Communication Limited ”was launched in August 2010 as an Online Mobile Recharge Website.  However, today Paytm has become a Payment Bank. Paytm Wallet facility is also provided to Paytm. Through which you can do tasks like Online Recharge, Bill Payments, Ticket Booking, sitting at home in minutes But some people are unable to take full and true benefit of these free services available by Paytm due to lack of information.

We hope that you will learn how to use Paytm easily by reading Paytm in our article Business Grow.
Paytm mobile wallet is becoming the best medium to make digital payments. Those who have a smartphone will be familiar with the Paytm mobile wallet and will be using Paytm that if you have a smartphone and have not yet used the Paytm wallet, then after reading this lesson you can also use the Paytm mobile wallet.  Get Started and Make Your Life Cashless.
 But this is a Paytm mobile wallet, do you have the same question going on in your mind, then let us tell you what is a Paytm mobile wallet ।।
Friends, if put simply, then Paytm Wallet, also called E-wallet.  This is an app. This app acts like our wallet.  The only difference is that money has to be physically kept in the wallet and money is saved digitally in Paytm mobile wallet. We can use this mobile wallet easily for payment in shopkeeper milkman electricity bill, mobile recharge etc. Paytm mobile wallet  Keeps you free from having a case. Paytm is available for almost every mobile platform. You can download and install Paytm Wallet from Google Play Store for Android phones.  If you use any other mobile platform then this mobile wallet is also available for them.  You can download Paytm Wallet from Windows Store for Windows Phone and Mobile Wallet from iTunes for iPhone.




You can earn money from youtube. Know a little more about this YouTube .

YouTube is a video viewing website in the US, in which registered members can watch video clip clubs as well as upload their videos.  It was formed in February 2005 by three former employees of PayPal, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Javed Karim.  Which Google bought in November 2006 for US $ 1.65 billion. YouTube allows users to upload videos of their registered members, view, share, add as favorite videos, make comments, comment and subscribe to other members' channels.  There are videos from members to many big companies.  It consists of video clips, TV program music, videos, Taylor Live Scream of movies etc.  Some people also use it as video blogging. Non-registered members can only watch videos, while registered members can upload unlimited videos and also add comments to videos.  Some videos that contain defamation, harassment, crime-inducing videos or anything that is fatal to people under the age of 18 can only be viewed by registered members of age 18 plus. YouTube earns its revenue from Google Adsense, which displays its advertisement according to the content and audience of the site.  Most of the videos can be watched for free, but some videos have to be paid to watch. You can also pay a premium membership of YouTube.  With which you can watch many videos without any advertisement and at the same time there are some such videos on YouTube Premium.

You can also earn money sitting at home by creating your own channel in YouTube and putting your own videos in it. It requires skill development. You should speak with your camera only and you can enter your own video. There are many such instances in which you have made a lot of money by sitting at home and putting your videos on YouTube.  They have made money and they have earned their name. Nothing was alive, today he is earning very good money and name through YouTube. If your skill development is a bit good, then you too can do such work by putting videos on YouTube and earn money and your name together.
On behalf of YouTube, YouTube pays a gift ya respect to its youtuber.
 YouTube pays respect to the video. It has seen more popular and is divided into four categories.  Today this week is included in this month and all the time.